Moving Pictures - sync listen in 5 minutes

Started by Slim, January 10, 2004, 06:23:37 am

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January 10, 2004, 06:23:37 am Last Edit: January 10, 2004, 06:27:15 am by Slim
Short notice I now, but I'm like that - spontaneous :)

Analog & I are running through MP from 12:30 so feel free to join in.  Thanks!

Analog RH

Analog RH


Never been a big fan of Tom Sawyer but I must admit I'm quite enjoying it at the moment.

Very interesting to hear the development in approach and sound from Permanent Waves having just listened to the latter - it sounds a bit more accomplished, a bit more stylised.

Analog RH

My CD booklet has pictures of Dirk and Lerxt, but not Pratt. Hmmm....

On the cover, does anyone else think the bloke second from left looks like David Crosby? And on the back cover, the director in the body warmer is Adrian Edmondson surely?

Tom Sawyer.

I'm a little over-familiar with this song now. I love the droning guitars though - suspended there with those wooshing keyboard squelches dancing around.

Obviously a classic, but I've heard better live versions than on MP.


The outro is quite impressive - a bit different, quite original.

Now then - always loved Red Barchetta - this song has wings.  The production is deceptively simple - a guitar with a bit of chorus, bass, drums, vocals and a hint of synth in the background.  Has aged very well.


QuoteMy CD booklet has pictures of Dirk and Lerxt, but not Pratt. Hmmm....

Really?  Mine (the remaster) like the original vinyl, has all three - Neil pictured hitting drums.

I adore this oddly suppressed guitar solo (Red Barchetta) - wonderful touch.  This whole song just goes .. whoooosh.  I love it.

Analog RH

Hard to believe I used to skip this track when I first got into the band. What was I on?

Side one is just perfect really. Four classics one after another.

Always associate the pause at 1.55 with Neil chucking his stick in the air.  :)

Love the lyrics. Always find it funny how some people love the words to this but claim Countdown is too literal. They're two peas from the same pod surely.....

Race back to the farm
To dream with my uncle
At the fireside....

Such wonderful imagery. Well done Nelsworth.  ;D


I really don't like Countdown at all - and no the mood of the lyrics is totally different

Analog RH



When I hear this I always, always remember listening to it the first time sitting on my bed in 1981.  Couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Amazing composition, so imaginative, jazzy, quirky, and amazing playing from all three to hold it together.

The guitar solo and breakign glass accompaniment floats my boat every single time.  Fantastic.


And when the synth breaks in like a crashing wave .. bliss


Would have loved to have seen them do this one at the City Hall - unfortunately they wrote it a year or two too late.  Bastards!  :P

Analog RH


Amazing to think Alex had no part in the composition of this as the guitar stabs and chops are fecking ace.

Stick chuck again at 2.48  ;D

La Villa might be the daddy, but YYZ is the mother of all instrumentals.

Ged's bass on the Rio version is brill, eh?

The best ending as well.

rascal houdi

Another album I don't yet possess on CD. Haven't listened to it as a whole for years. Side 1 is excellent (obviously), side 2 I don't remember as being that great. Be interesting to hear it again after a few years.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the album chaps, I'm going to bed.

Laters! :)
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