Neil Peart - Taking Center Stage DVD Competition

Started by Analog RH, November 02, 2011, 23:53:20 pm

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Analog RH

November 02, 2011, 23:53:20 pm Last Edit: November 02, 2011, 23:55:05 pm by Analog Rockin' Hard
Hello all  ;D

Our good friends at Hudson Music have sent us 4 copies of Neil's new DVD Taking Center Stage to give away. Each DVD comes with a large poster promoting Neil's last DVD, Anatomy of a Drum Solo........

For those who have been living in a cave recently, Hudson Music would like us to tell you -

A Lifetime of Live Performance The most in-depth insight into Neil's body of work ever documented. A new DVD from Hudson Music & Neil Peart, featuring breakdowns, demonstrations & performances of classic drum parts from songs spanning the entire Rush catalog. Featuring:

    Over 6 hours of footage
    Neil's personal drum rehearsals
    Set-up and soundcheck footage
    Backstage interview as Neil warms up for a Rush concert
    Detailed discussion of classic Rush drum parts, with slow-motion, drums-only demonstrations and e-Book with transcriptions
    Live, drum-camera performances of every song on the Time Machine tour
    One-hour interview, explanation, and demonstration of new Rush song, "Caravan"


Available to buy from Hudson Music here - Taking Center Stage DVD. DVD is also available from other retailers.


To get your filthy hands on a DVD / poster combo, please PM me with your answer to the following question -

Which of the following drums has Neil not endorsed -

A: Slingerland
B: Tama
C: Pearl
D: Ludwig
E: Drum Workshop / DW

The first four people to answer correctly will win. Terms and conditions apply. The referees decision is final. etc.

Rock on!

Gary L. Grape

I just tried to send you a PM a few seconds ago but it didn't work :(

Analog RH

Morning all  ;D

Correct answer was Pearl.

DVDs and posters winging their way to -

Nick Sims
Hard Rockin Kid
Fred Barchetta

Thanks to everyone who PM'd me. Neph, you can slap Fred Barchetta as he beat you to it by less than 2 minutes.......  :'(



Why isn't there a sarcasm font?


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Quote from: Analog Rockin' Hard on November 02, 2011, 23:53:20 pm
For those who have been living in a cave recently, Hudson Music would like us to tell you -

Must have been living in a cave recently then - never heard of this or them.
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NIce one,  now I know what my soon-having-his-40th-birtday-drumming-brother will get :)