Ready Player One Book with Rush and 80's pop culture references

Started by RushFanForever, October 09, 2011, 03:46:57 am

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There is a book that has come out recently titled 'Ready Player One' by author Ernie Cline of Fanboys fame.

The book is described about Willie Wonka meets The Matrix with 80's pop culture references which include Rush.

I found these Rush related stories on Ernie Cline which were posted on Rushisaband.

eMusic Q&A: Ernie Cline

He discusses '2112' in the above interview.

Cline was featured recently on the cover of the Austin Chronicle wearing a Rush 'Time Machine Tour' jersey here, which features an interview with him titled "The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth".

He made a soundtrack of the 'Ready Player One' book which features 'The Temples Of Syrinx' and 'Subdivisions' here.

Cline has been doing the book tour circuit in the United States traveling from place to place in his souped up Delorean - the ECTO88 - which contains many rare '80s pop-culture artifacts. He gives us a tour of the car in this video that was recently posted at At about the 1:15 mark of the vid, he shows off the cassette tape collection in the car which consists of only Rush tapes. This is the same tape collection from the film Fanboys which Ernie Cline co-wrote. More info on the tape collection here. Click here to see a close up photo of all the tapes.

There are excerpts of the book that can be read on the 'Ready Player One' Facebook Page.

Here are a couple of interviews from Wired Magazine about the book:

A Few Minutes With Fanboys Writer Ernest Cline on Ready Player One

Fanboys Scribe Pens Ultimate Nerd Sci-Fi Novel, Ready Player One

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I picked this up as a holiday read without knowing about the Rush connection - was enjoying the all too familiar Atari and D & D references from my teens then there's a whole Rush element! Turns out it's now going to be filmed so expect a whole load more exposure for the "gods of the north" as they're referred to in 18mths time.
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Like Snoes nearly 8 years ago, I've just read Ready Player One without prior knowledge of the Rush references. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. The Rush references were relevant, and added to my reading pleasure! Highly recommended, particularly if you're old enough to remember the early days of computer gaming.
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I haven't read, or seen it, but I'm sure I heard the RUSH references don't appear in the film?.


Quote from: zoony on January 26, 2020, 23:17:50 pmI haven't read, or seen it, but I'm sure I heard the RUSH references don't appear in the film?.
There's a few, mate....not as many as the book...
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I've not seen the film or read the book but seem to remember the initial trailer had Tom Sawyer on it but when it was released they changed it to Van Halens Jump.


There's a whole chapter on the classic AD&D module S1 - Tomb of Horror, in which many characters of mine met their peril! They missed that whole segment in the film, in fact the only reference to it that remained in the film was the sticker on the back of Aich's van. The Rush chapter was basically 2112 side 1 I think, but I don't recall the references they left in the film - must re-watch as I have the bluray.

His other book "Armada" is also pretty cool, if you like old video games.
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Armada is good, again with lots of music refs as well.

Need to re read Ready Player, as I have watched the film a couple of times now and while its visually lovely, its not a patch on the book. Cant recall any Rush in the Film at all. quite a bit of it was filmed in the Jewellry Quarter in Brum.

The Chapter about 2112 had me in mind of American Psycho when I was reading it, the business card chapter
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Another couple of Rush references I recall from the film:
A 2112 poster on a wall.
The (avoids spoiler) van driver was wearing a Rush T-Shirt.

An enjoyable film, but the book is far better.
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