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Simple pleasures - food and drink - fifth course

Started by Reg, December 04, 2010, 18:20:00 PM

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Need to be based in the office as a month-end submission deadline approaches so for lunch I had a quite lovely meatball melt baguette from the marvellous "Village Pantry" down the road.
The keys to happiness

A lovely home made cottage pie with the slight variation of the topping being mashed swede and potato instead of just potato. Served with tenderstem broccoli.

A nice lean piece of gammon, organic salad potatoes, tenderstem broccoli, sugar snap peas and baby corn. English mustard on the gammon, and freshly made mint sauce over the rest.

A tiger stick, halved, buttered and filled with crispy bacon and grilled halloumi cheese, with a touch of brown sauce - it's like living in Cyprus again, yum.

Scampi and chips
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

A taste the difference steak and ale pie with baby new potatoes, carrots, broccoli and savoy cabbage.

Family meal out https://agriculturalinn.co.uk

Lovely lamb fillet, super pod experience, heater, service bell, blankets. Local ale.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

A dirty Big Mac meal and some chicken nuggets in hospital today. Hospital food isn't the best, and although I haven't had a Maccies for over 2 years, I was just really craving one, so my son dropped me it off. Bloody lovely it was as well 🙂.

Locally produced back bacon and pork sausage from our local butchers on a crusty bread sandwich.

Coke is so much nicer than Pepsi, struggling with Pepsi 

Two months dry and have been surviving on Belvoir ginger cordial.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

QuoteCoke is so much nicer than Pepsi, struggling with Pepsi

I've always preferred Pepsi.

Lamb chops, Jersey Royal potatoes, tenderstem broccoli and baby sweetcorn, served with mint sauce made with mint from our garden.

QuoteI've always preferred Pepsi.

They're both Satan's Semen
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Not enough war
Not enough famine
Not enough suffering
Not enough natural selection

A nice selection of summer fruits consisting of a nectarine, cherries and strawberries.