Co-Op best-by-date sell-offs

Started by Reg, July 21, 2010, 09:46:05 am

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More from the co-op over the last few week . . . .

Tuna steak, down from £3.69 to £1.20 (I'm always on the lookout for these kind of things as at the full price, I'd never be tempted to buy tuna steaks).
Cheesy coleslaw down from can't remember to 38p
Bag of crunchy salad 60p -> 20p.
Punnet of apricots ?? -> 10p (had these as a gamble to try, decided I don't like)
Peach yoghurt, ?? -> 19p
Muller corner, 70p > 24p
Approx 12inch flatbread thing with garlic and tomato, £1.59 -> 55p

Not in the clearance, but they are doing 1/2 price Clementines at the moment, £1.25 for a bag of about 11 or 12.
They are also doing good deals on whole ducks - 1/2 price at £2.99, and pork joints a similar deal I think.
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