Alter Bridge

Started by Stu Clark, October 04, 2004, 15:31:56 pm

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Stu Clark

Ok music lovers, anyone heard this lot's debut album?  Is it any good?

It's by most of Creed (apparently the singer is the only one missing).  I was quite impressed with Mark Tremonti's guitar playing on Creed's last album, Weathered, so am interested in this one.

Anyone catch AlterBridge in concert back in early September? I had another band/tour on my mind at the time...

Stu Clark

Thanks - I'll hop over there.


Alter Bridge release new album 'AB III' at the end of next month. it was produced by Michael Baskette.
The new songs are an abomination

Nicola B

Thanks for the heads up on that one. Tickets booked for album on its way next month.. ;D
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