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Started by Stewart, June 19, 2010, 15:23:30 pm

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Hi all,
I awoke to an email from our hosting company this morning, here is that email...

QuoteHi Stewart,

As you probably aware, here at Just Host we proactively monitor all our servers
to ensure that our clients websites are loading as fast as possible at all
times. During this routine monitoring we
have found that your account is utilizing an excessive amount of system
resources, and we have been forced to suspend your site as per our terms and
conditions '10% CPU/Memory Policy'
For your reference, here is a copy of your usage report:
Top Process   %CPU 20.0   [php]
Top Process   %CPU 19.0   /usr/bin/php /home/tnmscom1/public_html/index.php
Top Process   %CPU 17.0   /usr/bin/php /home/tnmscom1/public_html/index.php

MYSQL 18 % tnmscom1_tnms2

Just Host offer unlimited hosting space and unlimited bandwidth, but as per our
terms we will suspend any website which exceeds our 10% CPU/Memory policy. We
hope that you understand our position in
ensuring that we provide the best possible service. In order to continue to
provide this high quality service, you will need to upgrade to a dedicated
server, which will give you an abundance of
additional resources and speed up your website.
As a loyal Just Host customer we have arranged for you to receive a special
deal on a dedicated server with SingleHop, (our trusted dedicated partner) who
will assist you with everything you need
to make your switch a smooth transaction.
Please visit this link to upgrade to a dedicated server:
Sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope you understand our decision. Once you
have made the switch to dedicated, feel free to contact us at for a refund of your current Just
Host account. On behalf of everyone here at Just Host, we wish you all the best
with your online ventures.

Kind regards,
Aleksander Zander
Just Host
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That does this mean? well it means that we're likely looking for a new home, but in the short term I'm going to upgrade the forum software to a newer version sometime this weekend.

If you cannot get on the site, instead of assuming the worst please take a look at ...

I'll be talking to the other admins over the next day or so, we will let you know what's going on at that time.