What games are you playing? Round 4

Started by Chris Quartly, April 21, 2010, 18:16:20 pm

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@Ron, tbh after you've played it for about 20 mins, it gets VERY thin... I guess just like most retro-game remakes :(


Quote from: Stewart on May 27, 2010, 19:52:22 pm
Fooking great fella ;-)

Stunning graphics, great sound. And a nice way of doing some of the GTA things we're used to, but in a WW setting. IE Hidden Packages... You now get to pick herbs :D

Mint :)

Still currently trophy whoring Fallout 3!


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I've also been playing Alien Breed: Impact on PS3. This is the new Alien Breed game from those nice chaps at Team17... It's not out for a while yet (I think mid-late June) but so far I am enjoying it.

Captain Ron

Alien Breed!!!! Woooooo! Now there's a game series to make me sit up and pay attention. What way did they go with it Stewart? FPS or 2D?
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Quote from: Stewart on June 01, 2010, 17:24:14 pm
I've also been playing Alien Breed: Impact on PS3. This is the new Alien Breed game from those nice chaps at Team17... It's not out for a while yet (I think mid-late June) but so far I am enjoying it.

Is that similar to the Alien Breed (Episode 1) game on the 360? I enjoyed that :)

Original was mint also :P


It is the SAME game, however there have been a good few changes. Also you will never see Ep2 and 3 on XBLA, they are all being renamed as self-containing episodes.


just bought myself Tiger Woods 10 on the Wii and the kids have Star wars Lego (which they are still to receive based on good behaviour!) and 2 Motion plus thingummyjigs! 


Call of Duty - World at War

I always like to stay a year or so behind so I can get the games cheaper......they ain't worth £40+ !!

Red Dead Redemption seems to be THE GAME at the moment ??
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Captain Ron

Super Mario Galaxy 2. OMG. What a great game. I tried to have a "quick look" earlier. 3 hours suddenly vanished. Whoops. Basically it's Galaxy all over again but with some extra elements in the playability. So far I have discovered that you can tunnel through certain levels with a handy drill gadget and Yoshi is available to eat enemies and generally give the scenery a good tongue lassoing. It's a real smile inducing game with a lethal "oh just one more level" evil time destroying hook. Especially pleased as I picked it up for £4.99 as a tradein against Mario Kart (which I hardly ever played).
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It's E3 time...

Last night announced the 360 "Slimline" which goes on sale in North America, THIS week, and the UK on July 16th. What's different? well it's smaller, has a 250GB HDD, as well as built in wifi to 802.11n level. Price? Exactly the same as the current TOP 360.

They also announced "Kinect" their motion controller, it will be released during November worldwide. However they still have not announced a price for it, and reports are, it's a tad sluggish. From a development point of view, it's poor, you look 1/3 of the processor to it, and it REQUIRES 176MB of RAM for all games :(

Their presser is tonight at 6PM BST, there are a number of SUPER secret announcements, one of which is their subscription based PSN service, which is EXTRA to what you currently get, and will cost around £47 a year, but will have lots of coolness in it. More than that I cannot say as of yet.

Their's is also today, around 3pm BST. They will be unveiling the 3DS, which is a 3D capable DS... :-)

Oh Sony MAY have a new bit of hardware to announce ;-)

You can get both of these on a live video stream from www.gametrailers.com

Captain Ron

A bit further into SMG2 now. Have unlocked the first of the "challenge" levels. Damn it's tough! Actually, the whole game is a tad more demanding than SMG1. I don't see me finishing this one anytime soon. The gameplay is so perfectly balanced on the edge of doable that it hurts. There's hidden stuff all over the place too for those who like to venture off the obvious path. :)
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Baught Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on the weekend for the 360, done the first one already on the PC but well worth playing again :).

E3 was fairly interesting this year, a bit too much emphasis on the 'casual' gamer for my liking mind, I may have to get Kinect and Kinectimals so my daughter can have a tiger ;D.


Just been playing ...

Alien Breed: Impact (PS3)
PixelJunk Shooter 2
and TerRover

1 great, 1 ok, and 1 shite, can you guess which is which.



While searching in the Ubuntu software repositories for something work-related, a package called AssaultCube caught my eye, and I've played it a few times this last week. It's a violent first person shooter with a multiplayer mode, so you can knife, blow up and shoot random people on the Internet. And it's free! Certainly not state of the art - it works very nicely on my 4 year-old PC with integrated graphics - but very decent nonetheless, about the same standard as a PS2 game I guess. Very fast-paced and lots of fun.

Can anyone recommend any other free multiplayer games, not necessarily with a Linux version? A multiplayer combat flight sim would be nice, or a driving game.
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