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4K HD - The "Next big thingTM" ?

Started by Captain Ron, September 12, 2012, 11:16:27 AM

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Sony announced at CES yesterday the launch of a 4K OLED TV Range with Acoustic Surface Technology - where the sound comes out the screen itself - I look forward to seeing this in action shortly. Also a bit late to the party but finally a proper 4K Blu Ray Player is also launched!!

Saw and heard the Sony 65" 4K OLED TV yesterday - incredible picture and amazing sound. Be interesting to see how it stacks up against then new LG and Panasonic offerings. All TV's use the same OLED panel but each have their own picture technology running it.

My Blu Ray in my laptop stopped working....well the software to use it is not very unreliable and is hit and miss.

After a week of investigation I have bought a Sony x700 4K uhd blu ray player.

I wanted a Panasonic ub820 but could not justify the extra money. I could not get hold of a Pana ub420. People are selling old Panasonic ub900 for more than they are worth on Ebay so the Sony seems like a good compromise. 5 stars in what hifi and best buy in Which, if its crap I will sent it back and get the Panasonic ub820