Who remembers our old Button Ads under each post?

Started by Stewart, February 06, 2010, 23:51:27 pm

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Remember in't days of old we had three little button adverts under each post?

The nice thing about this theme is it lets me automatically add stuff between each post, as such, and in a way to avoid us relying on donations any more (despite the current donations being STAGGERING).

We used to have PLAY.COM, AMAZON.CO.UK and the BBC online shop. Along with those I've also added another 7 to the cache we can use, they are ...

Hertz, Laterooms.com, Direct Travel insurance, La Senza (fnar), Eurocamp, Haven and Waterstones.

So the question is, which of these would be of use to you guys, IE which do you, or would you buy from?


I've always used laterooms when booking hotels for tnms meets.
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Same as Berr, I've always used laterooms when I've been trapesing around the country.


I buy from play now and again

I just browse la senza  ;)
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Quote from: Bisto on February 07, 2010, 19:06:09 pm
Amazon and Play.com for me

yep, same here, although more from Amazon than Play since they became ticket scalpers...
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Not being from the UK I use none of them. How much members are actually UK based and how many are international?
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Good question fella, however I know we do have some Euro "programmes" I'll get a list and post them here.

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Amazon frequently. The only other one from those mentioned would be Late Rooms but very infrequently.
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