So it's NYE, what are you doing/did you do?

Started by JonL, December 31, 2009, 23:46:21 pm

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Quote from: spudley on January 01, 2010, 17:35:24 pm

Bet it was lovely there this morning. Crisp and cold but sunny, my fave weather (apart from hot and sunny). I ran the dogs on the seafront to get rid of their hangovers ;)

aye it was firm under foot and very picturesque, I appreciated the flask of coffee and lemon drizzle cake near Parkgate tho' - was surprised to see that several others had similar ideas in taking the challenge.

Are the dogs feeling better now Kate?


Quote from: NeilP on January 01, 2010, 17:39:17 pm

Are the dogs feeling better now Kate?

A big vegetarian fry up this morning and hair of the dog this afternoon has worked a treat for me them.


Went up to my parents as usual on a NYE, drank a reasonable amount of wine, ate well, lost to my niece in the domino drive. Then cooked lunch for them today, feeling a tad weary now, need more wine.....

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went to the BiL's for the evening for a barbie, beer, wine, games and Chinese lanterns at midnight. Got home around 4. Spiffing !
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A nice bottle of Port ( none spilt on the carpet, Pudders ! )

In keeping with the weather, there was snow inside as well as out. Excellent evening and no hangover/comedown today.
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We went to my former local, The Cuckoo Bush (Gotham). Had a great night, drinking dancing and socialising. I've been poorly over the holidays and it was my first night out in about 2 weeks. Felt great to be out and about amongst people again.

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Quote from: roadcrew on January 01, 2010, 19:22:36 pm
A nice bottle of Port ( none spilt on the carpet, Pudders ! )

Didn't dare open mine! ;)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww  nice piccie Berr!!!

Had a quiet night in with a nice Roast Beef dinner then wandered out to the sea-front with all the kids at midnight.... Fireworks were cancelled due to high winds but it was nice to be out amongst all the hubbub!!
Ok, I'll join in...

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Went out smartly-dressed and had a tremendous piss-up and bonding session with the rest of my bandmates.  Was the last person to leave the local at some time after four, apparently.  ::)  :)
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Spent NY with my mum and her partner....and my childhood sweetheart. ;) ;D

'Twas a good night. :)

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at a party/ on call/sober

good party but a fairly shitty time.
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