All you can eat eateries.

Started by Andy42g, October 26, 2009, 12:28:08 pm

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Moved this myself - I forgot there's a food section!
Taybarns - all you can eat chain. Anyone been to one of these?
Just a (ahem) recipe for gluttony?
Not sure I'd get my money's worth to be honest, and I've never been a fan of eating for eating's sake. Might be fun now and again though I guess.
Why isn't there a sarcasm font?


I've been to an occasional Indian or Chinese buffet.  What I like about these is that you can have as many starters as you like!
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I like the variety mainly, the fact that you can eat a little bit of anything. It's a good way to try dishes you wouldn't try and can be a good way for kids to try new things to, as it's all included in the price, you don't feel you've wasted money on  single dish they/you didn't like.

For me, not a huge eater, they are a waste of money but for someone like Lee who goes into the double figures with the amount of plates he has it's a value for money.

It's the relaxed, informality of that style of dining that I think appeals to people more than just the chance to pig out.
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