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Started by Dixkot, October 11, 2009, 22:01:39 pm

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Prince By-Tor

Again, sorry to hear this terrible news Simon. Sincere sympathies to you and your family mate. Be strong for the Mrs. dude!
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Tom Garrett

Our condolences to you and family Simon.
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Sad news Simon.  My thoughts are with you and yours.


Heartfelt condolences Simon, to you and your family at this sad time
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Sorry to hear about your loss,my thoughts are with you and your family.
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Sorry to hear this Simon

Our thoughts are with you

Prince By-Tor

October 29, 2009, 23:36:30 pm #21 Last Edit: October 29, 2009, 23:38:38 pm by Prince By-Tor
I know this won't mean anything to anyone but I lost a hero of mine today, or found out about his death anyway. He actually died on October 04th from a heart attack, age 91.

General GÃÆ'Ã,¼nther Rall, Luftwaffe pilot and ace.

Briefly, General Rall was the third highest scoring fighter pilot in history with 275 victories. He was shot down 8 times and badly injured on several occasions including breaking his back in three places, being scalped and having a thumb shot off...

I met him at Duxford a few years ago and he was the nicest person I have ever met in my life. Totally unassuming, engaging, polite and a very intelligent man. When I explained that my father was a soldier in the German army - on the Russsian front - during WWII (where Rall flew most of his missions), and how he often told me stories of seeing the Luftwaffe pilots engaging the Russian pilots overhead, Herr Rall took great interest in this and we spoke about it for quite a while. After coming to the conclusion that they fought in roughly the same areas, he joked how he had probably seen my father down below and how my father had probably watched him zooming around the skies above. He told me how he and his fellow pilots would buzz the German soldiers and do barrel-roll type manoeuvres in the hope of boosting moral. He openly admitted to having the utmost respect for the foot soldiers as they were "far braver" than him and his fellow pilots. "They suffered a lot more than we did, much more. Yes, our camps were basic, but at least I had a bed to sleep on. Many soldiers, like your father, didn't. I'm not sure I could have gone through what they did, especially during those cold cold winters. Yes, I, we had much respect for those men. I hope you are proud of him?" Of course I am, but that's another story...
He asked how I had become interested in aircraft, and I explained that the bug hit me when I was around 6 or 7 years old. I spoke of how WWII had always fascinated me and as I grew older my interest became more profound. He laughed when I explained how obsessed I had become with WWII piston aircraft and how I longed to take a flight in a B-17, a P-51 Mustang or even an Me109. "If I could make your dream come true I would, but sadly this isn't possible. Not in a 109 anyway." Much laughter and a wink ensued. He seemed genuinely interested in my passion and was pleased that my interest (in the Luftwaffe and the 8th USAAF) wasn't just about the aircraft, but that I took a great interest in the human sacrifices made, on all sides, during WWII. He shook my hand when I told him that I like to visit war cemetries to pay my respects, and how humbling it is when I do. "It is always nice to hear of people like yourself who haven't forgotten the men who didn't return home to their families. Always keep their memories alive. I fear more and more people are forgetting these days." He looked genuinely sad when he said that. Brought a lump to my throat if I'm honest.

I won't ever forget how warm and friendly this man was; it was like I had known him for years. He even asked to be remembered to my father, although they never met... A great and honourable man.

I will miss this man immensely. :( :'( :'(

R.I.P Herr Rall - gone but never forgotten.

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Thank you all for your kind messages and texts at this sad time. It's knowing that people care that helps in times like this.

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Nice post about the Luftwaffe chap - even if they did 'bomb our chippy' etc  ;)
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Prince By-Tor

Quote from: Andy42g on October 30, 2009, 16:45:19 pm
Nice post about the Luftwaffe chap - even if they did 'bomb our chippy' etc  ;)

Thanks Andy, I appreciate that. :)
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Yeah, brave of you to post it too mate!


Don't mind admitting I wiped away a few tears watching the memorial commemoration at the Cenotaph (on tv) today. Very moving as usual. Lots of thoughts on the matter but words seem pointless


Quote from: Bisto on November 08, 2009, 16:38:05 pm
Don't mind admitting I wiped away a few tears watching the memorial commemoration at the Cenotaph (on tv) today. Very moving as usual. Lots of thoughts on the matter but words seem pointless

I sat and watched the memorial too this morning and made sure that my kids observed the 2 minute silence. I'll second Bisto's comments in that it was a very moving experience, especially in the light of recent events. You'd think that in this day and age the concept of war would go out of fashion... Things like this serve as a reminder to us all that we still have some way to go before we can truly call ourselves civilised.
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I was just going to my car with my daughter when the local Lifeboat Maroon was sent up to mark 11am yesterday. Myself and my daughter (10) sat in the car in silence until the second Maroon went off..... I was really proud of her and said so... she said that they were studying the world wars and that her teachers had told them about Rememberance Sunday and she was really happy not to have forgotten it because so may people died to protect our freedom..... THAT was so great to hear it brought a FURTHER tear to my eye...... next time I see her History teacher I will shake his hand!
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Simon, sorry to hear your news, condolences from Bec and I.

Even if extremely late.