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Not listened to them for a while and I forgot how fecking awesome they were, that's all really ;D :P

Yes I know this thread has no point ;)


Hoorah for pointless threads ;D

I loved Queen up until Jazz.

Old Queen Good, New Queen Bad, New New Queen WTF?

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We just put 'Tie Your Mother Down' into HOV's set; goes down a storm!

Queen were my favourite band from the ages of about 12 to 15... all of my school exercise books were covered in Queen lyrics and drawings!
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I played "Live Killers" in house REALLY LOUD a little while back. Fabulous stuff. And they were still amazing live right up until the end. I went to the Knebworth show, and it was easy up there with the other times I saw them. I picked up on them about A Day at the Races and Hot Space is about as late as I can stand with their studio career. Mind you I really liked Works when it came out (and that tour was fabulous).
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I saw them at Wembley in 1986. It's still one if the best gigs I've ver been to.

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I could never figure out how much I liked Queen, if at all.
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