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Started by graham1970, June 01, 2009, 11:55:54 am

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Anyone read the Horse's Arse series of novels by Charlie Owen? I recommend you all do - from the posts of the DVD/TV section it is obvious there are a lot of Life on Mars fans out there. 

If you are a fan of any of the following;

The Sweeney
Life on Mars
The 1970's

... then this is the series for you.

It is a sort of loose 'Police Procedural' set in the 1970's and to date comprises three books:

Horse's Arse
Foxtrot Oscar
Bravo Jubilee

They are set in Handforth - an imaginary overspill town 'in North Manchester'. From the description in the opening of the first novel, of a town created for the petrochemical industry, I suspect that the closest may be Partington - but I am just guessing (and besides - Partington is in South Manchester....).

The books are set in the Police Force of the town in the 1970's - Handforth is the worst posting in the force - all of the bad egg bobbies with 'use of force issues' go there - what many would term a 'Punishment Posting'. Meanwhile, Greater Manchester uses Handforth in much the same way - all of the bad egg tenants go there.

The main characters:

The Brothers (Henry Walsh  & Jim Stewart) - total nutters who man the crime car together - chalk and cheese (Henry a public school boy and Jim an ex-Para) but work together well.

Bob 'Ooh Yah' Young
Alfie (the police dog)





Simon Edwardes (bent solicitor who supplements his income by peddling info regarding his clients to the local DCI).

I suppose this is a sort of Choirboys for the UK, and if you grew up in the 1970's (as I did) than you are going to find it a good read.

I suspect that Charlie Owen may not be his real name - the content a bit naughty for him to use his real name.

Just about to start the latest one (Bravo Jubilee).