George Pelecanos - Crime Genius

Started by graham1970, May 15, 2009, 21:01:57 pm

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Over in the DVD/Movie/TV room there has been a lot of chat about The Wire - and justly so.

Sometimes overlooked is the identity of one of the writers on this, George Pelecanos - a Greek American who has to be one of the best crime writers I have ever read.

His numerous crime books (what many would call 'procedurals') are set in Washington DC - but not the DC of the West Wing, more the blue-collar end of DC. I find it quite hard to describe why I like certain books so I will just say that if you are a fan of crime (or in fact any well written stuff) then he is your man. If you are comfortable with say, the style of John Grisham then this is a good comparison - I am sure that both authors will be a bit upset at my clumsy comparison but they insert lots of good culture references (particularly music) and lots of nice stuff about where the novels are set (it's a while since I read any Grisham but I seem to recall that he liked his characters to drive Swedish motors and work in Memphis).

If you fancy something new, trust me on this one. they are nice, easy going and exciting reads. 

I particularly recommend:

The Night Gardener
Hard Revolution (a sort of origin story for one his main characters set when he was on the DC force in the late 1960's).

Anyone else read this chap?