Winslet`s Globes

Started by 34Poolboy, January 12, 2009, 20:09:40 pm

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No not those ones, the ones she picked up for supposed good acting.

If the performances she gave at the award ceremony was anything to go by she didn`t deserve them.

Why such hysterics?


The lenses inside of me that paint the world black. The pools of poison, the scarlet mist, that spill over into rage.


Well done to Kate. One of our best actresses, and also a very attractive woman. She could help me with the hoovering anytime ;).


From the Land of Honest Men.


Aye, theres a couple of throbbing globes in my pants that would leave her in the kind of state she was in when collecting those awards.

Lovely proper English filly.

Anger is a gift.


Oh she's lovely (and not afraid to go above size 10 when she feels like it) and just the sort of gal you could introduce to your mum.


She was excellent in the Extras episode she did. Taking the piss out of herself, and saying how she was only doing the part (nun in a holocaust film) to win an Oscar as they always go to holocaust films...
Why isn't there a sarcasm font?