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Started by Stewart, December 18, 2002, 01:26:58 am

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What about them?

Some guy kept shouting for 'Sheep' to be played and at the end the fella, centre stage, asked if he could stop as, 'it's getting us all excited up here mate'


Ahh, "bloke in the middle" Steve Mac :-)


What she said...

Also, what else has been happening...

1. As ARH has said, I've provided a few services for him re: his new business. One of which was a new website, so well received was this new website, that a business relation of his has asked me to do a proposal for their website as well. That proposal is now in with them, and I should hear Monday/Tuesday if I've got it.

2. Band, has been going well, we've got 11 or 12 songs sorted now, and another few coming along, which should mean we'll have enough for a set soon, once we're at that we'll get a gig or two booked, suffice to say I'm well chuffed with the outcome of this, oh as to what we're called? not telling yet ;-)

3. My main work/client at the mo have annoyed me hugely, to the point i've pretty much cancelled the existing arrangement and will now start to bill them for work done at my usual rate, which will end up being more than they were paying me on retainer, but that's the choice they've made.

4. We've started working on the house again, going through old boxes eBaying and car booting a load of stuff, for a couple of reasons, those being the usual reasons people do this for, space and money. I aim to get the loft completely cleared of stuff we simply do NOT need over the coming weeks. As I said we're also decorating each room, bringing it to a level that makes it an attractive buy.

5. In a totally unrelated note, the sodding PS2 is playing up and I've no idea why, might be the hot weather... Will have to talk to Sjeep about that, arse.

6. Batman Begins, best Batman movie ever made. We've seen it twice now, and might end up going for a third time, this time somewhere slightly more comfortable, so far, we've seen it in Ster Century in Leeds and the IMAX in Bradford.

I think that's about it, as you can see fairly busy, but can be busier.


Hoping my friend gets well soon :(


Hmmmm, I remember this place, keep forgetting these musings type things are here...

Life's been pretty good of recent, house is on the market, been talking various business things with some close friends all of which will lead to an announcement soon.

One that will hopefully allow me to relax a damn sight more than I have over the past 14 months or so.

Getting my musical shit together which is great, talk about technology ::)

Can't be bothered writing anymore.



Listening to freaks gushing about pregnancy, and how "lovely" it all is  >:(


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Listening to freaks gushing about pregnancy, and how "lovely" it all is


Ohh hello everyone...

Lots to talk about, however I can't talk about any of it... Yet! ;)


QuoteOhh hello everyone...

Lots to talk about, however I can't talk about any of it... Yet! ;)

Tease :P ;)

From first to last. The peak is never passed. Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes


Wow ok so it's been at least 120 days since this topic was posted in...

I'll be stepping down permanently as Admin soon, work is getting far too hectic and involved. Not that I spend much time here anyway, but it's all got to be moved away from my current company, and cannot be involved with the new one, so the best option is to stand down.

As such there will be deets sound about who's taking over.



Difficult post to make...

Me: So, they done?

??: Yup.