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Started by pdw1, January 12, 2006, 11:21:25 am

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talking mainly about surround sound and the difference between Rush in Rio and R30....

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Ian Harris

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2112 30th anniversary edition 2006 in surround sound?!!

"Q: When we talked about Rush in Rio 2 years ago, I asked you about remixing Rush's studio catalog in surround, and you were strongly against it. Now that you're a 5.1 veteran [Lifeson laughs], has your view changed on that idea at all?

Big Al: It's something that I think we [the band] will discuss. I really love the format now. Surround is a great, uplifiting experience, and I think we have some records that we'd consider doing that way. Again, we haven't spoken about any of this yet. But on my own, I'm thinking something like 2112 is pretty obvious. We're coming up on the 30th anniversary of 2112 in 2006, so that might be interesting. For example, "Discovery" [Part III of the title track], has running water, and you could be sitting right by that little stream, you know .... It would be quite dramatic and dynamic.

Probably the safe thing to say is that I'm much more open to doing this as long as the integrity of the original content isn't messed with."
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