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Started by Ace2112, November 18, 2005, 06:15:18 am

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Last night I went to see Pelican, Mistress and Una Corda.

Una Corda are a local Brum band. They play instrumental riffage featuring 2 bass players. One of which is a 'lead' bass, following the lead guitarists riffs, while the other holds the bottom end together with the drummer and rhythm guitar. I saw them earlier in the year, opening for Red Sparowes, and was impressed. Bought their debut 4 track EP, last night.

Next up were Mistress. Another local band. They were on Never Mind The Buzzcocks the other night doing grindcore versions of christmas carols! Don't take them as a 'comedy' band, though. They make a grand racket. Switching effortlessly between grind and chugging doom at the drop of a hat. The wonderfully titled 'Piss For Blood, Shit For Brains' was a highlight.

Pelican are an instrumental band from Chicago. They weave  sonic landscapes where the riff is king. For 4 such non-descript looking characters, they know how to put on a show. No special effects or fancy lighting tricks. The music  does the work. Unfortunately, after a little more than an hour, the bass players rig decided it didn't want to play anymore and gave up the ghost. So the set was cut short.  A great pity as this was shaping up to be a contender for gig of the year. Opeth notwithstanding.

Their magnificent latest album 'The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw' is annoying the neighbours as I type.    
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How many did she have Mark.... ;D ;)

oi shortie, what are you implying!!!

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Actually last night but whatever
Paul Dianno and Maiden Scotland great night ;) good gig as well there was 4 bands on last night at this place well worth


Couple of days late as usual ::)

Last Thursday saw Joss Stone - dragged along by the wife. Not really my cuppa but she's quite fit in a giggly teenager kind of way - and she has a good voice. Material was pants though and there wasn't much of it either, maybe 70 minutes including the encore :o


Last night me and hubby went to see my biking mate in his band 'Trevor and the Sprouts' ( blues band) playing at our local golf club. meet up with lots of mates from eons ago! Sometimes these small little gigs are the best kind.


oh look me last time too..

The Limehouse Lizzy gig - excellent gig, very good, what  a difference a good front man makes to a band eh?

stood right at the front, everyone happy bunnies, thoroughly recomend them.


Just got back from Thunder & Toby Jepson in Cambridge.  Excellent gig - Toby did loads of Little Angels stuff and Thunder were on top form.  The lead singer of Thunder just has the most amazing voice......

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Just back from (last night)..or should that be just recovered from
Meyt n prater pie please....


Limehouse Lizzy - Mickleton Village Hall - Highly recommended

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saw them about a month ago- they were excellent


Not strictly just got back from.. but I didn't have access to a PC in Barcelona :D

Some background; Laura surprised me with a flight to Barcelona for the both of us as one of my Christmas presents. After booking the hotel, planning the trip etc, Laura discovers that The Kaiser Chiefs are playing in Barcelona, the night we arrive. As Laura's a fan, and I am partial to their excellent album, two tickets are procured for an extremely reasonable 15 Euros each (to be collected on the door, on the night).

Fast forward to Saturday 25th February, Barcelona.

We take a tube out to a dead-quiet industrial part of the city. It's Saturday night, there's not a soul on the streets, and we get a bit lost trying to find the Sala Razzmatazz club. After asking for directions a few times, we eventually round a corner and see a few coaches parked up outside some nondescript warehouse type buildings, with some people milling about outside; we'd found it.

Picked our tickets up from the box office, and fended off loads of people asking for spares; it seems the Kaisers have quite a following here in Spain, either that or news of their recent Brit successes has travelled this far. We queue up with a mixture of trendy spanish indie-kids and a smattering of ex-pats. Passing the open door of the tourbus, I sneak a look at the band watching Vic Reeves' Big Night Out on the bus DVD player :D

Inside, it's a different story. The venue is a great small-sized theatre venue, smaller than The Shepherds Bush Empire or The Astoria but bigger than places like The Borderline. I'd hazard a guess at about 800 capacity; a rectangular room with bars down each side, 6ft high stage (and backstage area) at one end, and a raised area at the other ended which also housed the mixing desk/light booth. On level two, down both sides, was a railed balcony with more bars behind.

It looked like this:

We took up residence near the back, just to the right of the mixing desk/lights on some steps, so Laura could see. The venue soon filled up, and the two support bands (The Chalets and We Are Scientists) went down so well. What surprised me was how well the support acts were received. In the UK, gig-goers tend to give support bands a hard time, sometimes not bothering to turn up until the main act is on, but here it was different. Both bands got the full light show, a decent sound, and a great audience response; it was great to see.

The Kaiser Chiefs came onstage about 11.15pm to Dire Straits' Money For Nothing before launching into a set that tore the roof off the venue. I didn't know that the band were particularly well-known in Spain.. perhaps news of their recent Brit success has travelled across to the mainland, who knows. Whatever the reason, the crowd went batshit for the band, and subsequently the band played out of their skins.

As the band only have the one album, that's pretty much what we got live! I think they played every track off of Employment, plus a dodgy cover of I Heard It Through The Grapevine to fill out the encore a bit! Just before they went off for the encore, they played I Predict A Riot, which was the tune the spaniards seemed to know. Ricky walked through the crowd from the stage, ending up on the railings of the mixing desk, from which he crowd surfed back to the stage, all the while singing the chorus - very funny!

Highlight for me though was during the last song Oh My God when he climbed from the speaker stack onto the balcony railing an into the crowd upstairs; working his way along the balcony towards the back, inviting punters to sing a line from the chorus into the radio mic he's carrying. I thought he was going to have to climb back out near us, but he was lost from view.

Looking around, I clock Laura with a look of shock on her face looking at me. I turn round and Ricky is right next to me, looking at the crowd grinning. I turn round and manage "Ricckkyyyy", which makes him do a double-take, before he hands me the cordless mic to sing the chorus to Oh My God - fantastic stuff; it made my night ;D

All in all, it was a top gig; really energetic. It was great to see a band like that in such a small venue.
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nice ;D excellent present too, Laura rocks :D playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade

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Glad you had a good time Neill - sounds like it was an excellent show!! 8-)


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Sound like you have a great time Neill

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Glad you had a good trip Niell, I have seen the Kaisers play festivals on TV and they always put on a great show!