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Dimmu Borgir

Started by Jeth, February 27, 2004, 05:57:49 AM

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Slayer came in for a fair amount of stick, which seemed a bit harsh,
Yes they were a bit hard on poor old Slayer
Quoteconsidering there are fecking idiots like Glen Benton and Deicide out there
And even he didn't seem that bad........ :-/

I did like the Black Metal Monk though, was he Captain Beardy's dad ???
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December 09, 2005, 17:08:13 PM #16 Last Edit: December 09, 2005, 17:09:15 PM by herchosenone
It was like watching Friar Tuck at a Metal Karaoke.

I presume Bentons mum was really proud when her son came home with an upside down cross branded into his forehead
The new songs are an abomination

QuoteThere was a programme on BBC2 about 2 weeks ago about this sort of muck, and the fact that some young Italian drop outs had killed each other in some ritualistic orgy of violence, drugs, alchohol and metal!

Slayer came in for a fair amount of stick, which seemed a bit harsh, considering there are fecking idiots like Glen Benton and Deicide out there

In my opinion those kids were probably sick enough to do what they did without the musical influence...

To me it's 99% pantomime, just a show (the bands I mean, maybe Deicide being one of the exceptions). Sure, they'll be idiots out there that take this kind of music too literally, but as I've just said I'm sure these kids are sick in the head anyway. To me it's all about the music, how heavy it is etc, I couldn't give a flying fek about the lyrical content. As I say it's pure pantomime to me.
Glen Benton, is quite an intelligent man, despite his beliefs. He certainly knows his subject and I wouldn't argue with him about it. Why is it OK to believe in God or to be an athiest, but if you believe in and worship the devil you are ridiculed for it! What's the difference, it's all based on religion no matter who you 'support'! If this truely is a free world, surely you can believe in and pray to who you like. Apart from preaching his beliefs in musical form, Glen Benton has never killed anyone or done any harm to a single soul. He only speaks about what he believes in. Is that so wrong?:-/
Sometimes with how the world is today, I think we should point the finger at God; after all he isn't exactly looking after us is he?
I'll tell you what, we'll blame all of the worlds problems on Death & Black Metal shall we......money and everyday religion have nothing to do with it right? It's Metal that's the route cause of everything that is wrong with the world... >:(

Oh, on a different level, what about a lot of Rap music and all of the gun crime that goes a long with that? Doesn't that breed a lot of hate etc? That's never in the news to the extent that Metal music is.....not here anyway. >:(

And then there were two...

I just think the kids killed themselves so they didnt have to listen to any more Norwegian tripe!
The new songs are an abomination

December 09, 2005, 18:20:57 PM #19 Last Edit: December 09, 2005, 19:35:47 PM by cygnusxdave

You're right mate and I have that very album you speak of. In some ways it kind of adds to the whole effect being sharp and razor like, if you get what I mean. Although it's not for everyone, including me sometimes!
BTW, the latest Darkthrone CD, 'Transilvanian Hunger', is very good! Still sharp in production, but much better than the older stuff.
You might want to try the new Dark Funeral album, 'Attera Totus Sanctus', it's excellent and well worth getting hold of....

I do like black metal, but I haven't got a great deal of it. I've really got to get some more. Particularly the older stuff. I've got some really obscure stuff like Negura Bunget, a pagan/black metal band from transylvania and Lucifugum from The Ukraine.
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