Thin Lizzy Live & Dangerous

Started by Neillwith2Ls, January 11, 2005, 22:41:08 pm

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rascal houdi

I've heard it all now....... ::)
There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)

Analog RH

QuoteI've heard it all now....... ::)


I shouldn't worry, Rascal. I like Pat Benetar and Labi Siffre. I'm clearly not the full ticket eh?  ;) ;D


Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.

Analog RH

QuoteNothing wrong with Labi Siffre.

Well I'm glad you think so. I am a HUGE Labi fan - I've met the man himself. He's a bit wierd these days, retired from music and is now a self-professed Black Gay Poet. Nothing wrong with that, just not my bag.


QuoteAt least you won't need to change your clothes..........they will still be in fashion.


QuoteIs it a proper DVD tart-up or a plain transfer from the VHS? I suspect the latter.

You'll have to get it Rasc. if only to see if the footage of your (pre-pubesccent) self in the pre gig queue has survived!  ;)  ;D
Deeply Shallow

rascal houdi

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I was going to mention that but decided against it! :-[

Hang on, pre-pubescent? I was at least 15 at the time...... ::)
There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)


The mid late 70's produced the best "live" albums of the rock generation:
Double live Gonzo
Live and Dangerous
If you want blood
Strangers in the night
Made in Japan/Europe
Free Live

And so on. And I now realise how few of them I have on CD.....I'll have to get a new turntable.....