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Started by Stu Clark, December 18, 2004, 00:12:44 am

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Stu Clark

Hello all Beard fans - clips from their new album Octane are now up at //

Can't make my mind up about what I've heard.  I hate saying it but after the giddy heights of V, I've been struggling to keep up.  What about you guys?


It will be difficult to keep the standard they had when Neal Morse was the leader of the pack. Although Feel Euphoria is a great release, The Sid thingy sounded a bit forced.
Haven't heard the Octane clips yet but I'm sure it will be quality stuff. The thing is: will there be any progress in the music? I feel this will be the main issue.

Having said that, I eagerly await Octane...
Arrogance Is Bliss


I haven't heard any snippets as yet, but I'll cetainly buy the album and will definitely be at any London show they play.

Granty Boy

I'll need to have a listen to the clips.  I have their last four albums which are al pretty coll, especially Snow and Day for Night.
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