Gibson vs PRS

Started by Dave64K, July 01, 2007, 21:47:15 pm

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Thanks guys .. I'm so tempted by that platinum SE at Andertons - I love that colour, reminds me of the old Clapton signature strat (in 'Pewter').
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My primary guitar is a PRS SE Custom 24. It's a very close call between that and my Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro Fx as to which is the best guitar I've ever owned! I think the PRS beats it as I haven't had to customise any of it.
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Quite tempted to invest in one of these

A bit like the PRS EG of old (as featured in the RTB video). No fancy finish or figured wood, scratchplate-mounted electrics. Would be nice to have a US-made PRS again. I will say that the looks don't really appeal, though.
Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.


In the end I bought a Tokai 'Love Rock'.

A touch less than £350, and without a doubt a nicer guitar than my last Gibson Les Paul.

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Nice one, those Tokais are excellent. Did you buy it new James, where from?
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Yep it's a new one, from an online retailer. I have the receipt lying around somewhere, will update the thread when I find it.

I also did a rubbish YouTube video to compare the humbuckers and general tone with my Tom Holmes-equipped Sid Poole.

I will redo this at some point, you can barely hear what I'm saying.
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The PRS SE Angelus Alex Lifeson semi-acoustic has just been reduced in price by about £300 to £499. I've just ordered one (hardcase included).  ::)

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I now have three PRSes, an SE SC245, an S2 Standard 22 and a CE24.

Although the CE24 is a bit fancier with a figured maple top and costs substantially more, the S2 is my favourite. Absolutely brilliant guitar - beautfully precise, beautifully made, rings very sweetly and has a rather nice refined character.
Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.