Brief Encounter in UK Cinemas

Started by graham1970, August 08, 2007, 21:55:25 pm

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My guilty pleasure this week is a film I have loved ever since I first saw it: Brief Encounter. Several places have been showing this.

Noel Coward's tale of a love affair between a pair of married suburbanites (filming began before WWII ended!). This seemed racey at the time but does look a little dated. However, I just love this film so much I don't know where to start with it. Many talk of how charming it is, how Carnforth Station (chosen as London was getting a hiding from V1's at the time) effectively becomes a co-star. Others on how the affair and the lover's fear of discovery was a hidden metaphor for Coward's homosexuality at a time when he could have been sent to jail for it.

I just enjoy this film. You should all check it out if you fancy something a bit different.  


Has one of the most famous censored last lines ever as well - orginally it was...

" train!"

"Hurumph! No chance of a shag then.."

"As soon as you stop believing you will win, you've started to lose"