"Car 2112... Where are you?"

Started by Dave_Pierce, September 17, 2004, 19:45:33 pm

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Tom Garrett

November 04, 2004, 03:45:06 am #15 Last Edit: November 04, 2004, 03:45:22 am by tom_garrett
noticed the phone number for planet rock ended with
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I'm just hanging out for a drug treatment that prolonges life - well until 2112 anyway!


Some courses I 've seen at university have had the code 2112, usually 211.2. I've never had one but they're there!



Totally pathetic but here goes... the penultimate day of the Autumn Term for schools where I am is 21st December. Told you it was pathetic...


QuoteTotally pathetic but here goes... the penultimate day of the Autumn Term for schools where I am is 21st December. Told you it was pathetic...
That is pathetic  ;D
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When I went for a job interview by bus, the ticket number was of course 2112 - 7 years later I'm still here. But I'm sure I read somewhere that murderer/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was a RUSH fan with a 2112 number plate. Ooh er  :o


Mine ends in 2122 - does that count????

Oor Wullie

When I booked my flight online with BMI to fly to London for the Rush tour in September my print-out had the time 21:12 on it.

Pure coincidence.
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I just saw the same bloody train car heading home last night and again it was attached to another train!!  :(

One of these days it'll be on my train and I'll leave some sort of "Rush" mark on it!  ;D


What about removing Rush 'marks' from trains? A friend & colleague went to Prague with his wife mid-tour, saw a poster advertising the boys' gig there on an underground train. He peeled it off the wall to bring home for me. What a guy! No doubt risked arrest, body search & deportation by doing so! Good luck with your train-car chase Dave!

Ian Harris

I saw a car registration today with YYZ in it. I let out an involuntary cheer. No-one I knew heard it, thank goodness.

Apparently, Rush also have a whole album called 2112. How cool is that?
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D'you know Ian - I'd heard that too!  lmao


I just checked my credit card on line and I owe them 1,211.21. (1 2112 1) weird, given that I'd just deceided not to join in this forum about half an hour ago!!!
Ok, I'll join in...

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