The Big White

Started by Neillwith2Ls, March 30, 2006, 19:29:53 pm

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Caught this last night, and enjoyed a nice near-empty cosy cinema, with nice new comfy seats.

My UGC multiplex (now a Cineworld) used to have these 'Premier Screens', where you paid a tenner for a ticket, but got a drinks/food service, and reclining seats with oodles of leg room and a table between chairs. Since no-one went they just turned them into normal screens and put the foreign language, indie, odd-ball movies on in there; the films that don't tend to attract a big audience in Crawley - their loss not ours :D

Anyway...The Big White.

Stars Robin Williams (hold on, don't go away) and Holly Hunter as a mild-mannered couple living up in Alaska; he's sliding steadily into debt personally and professionally (a Hawaiian travel agency in Alaska!!) while she's slowly losing her marbles and developing tourettes.

Paul Barnell (Williams) is getting desperate and decides to try and cash in a life insurance policy on his brother, who's been missing for 5 years, only to be reminded by the power-hungry claims clerk Ted (Giovanni Ribsi, or Phoebe's mad brother who she had the surrogate triplets for in Friends) that Alaskan state law requires 7 years and endless paperwork.

Enter a dead body, two amateur hitmen and Barnell decides he could use this situation to his advantage, and develops and elaborate plan to try and pass the corpse off as is missing brother. When the hitmen return to reclaim their body and find it missing, things start to go downhill for Barnell, and are complicated further when his missing brother (a wasted Woody Harelson) turns up after reading his own obituary in a newspaper.

What on paper sounds good is actually a little lame. Williams' performance is just slow and plodding; with no hint of the life breathed into recent performances in One Hour Photo and Insomnia . William H Macy did this far better in the similar Fargo. Holly Hunter does admirably as the barking mad Margaret and provides the laughs, but it's left to the supporting cast to prevent this movie just getting boring.

Worth it for some wonderful Alaskan scenery; an interesting, yet old idea concerning love, drama, comedy (sadly not as black as the Coen Brothers' masterpiece) and sadness.

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