Star Trek: Nemesis

Started by Stu Clark, January 03, 2003, 19:19:55 pm

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Stu Clark

Caught the new Star Trek at one of the preview nights yesterday.  I was really pleased because it was not at all bad!  I had heard some rumour comparing it to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Well, let's say that I thought the rumours were comparing the quality.  In fact, the story is pretty much exactly the same (with some liberal dashes of Star Trek VI thrown in for good measure!)

That said, the story is still exciting and engaging.  There are some great effects and some genuinely intriguing dialogue between Jen Luc and his nemesis.

There is also some James Bond silliness which being the boring old fool that I am, I groaned out load about.  Bar humbug - go see and enjoy!