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Started by Ashley_Davidson, November 02, 2005, 15:16:39 pm

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An interesting book, with loads of language trivia.

Personally, I really liked the links to other languages shown. On a lot of occasions, there was a clear link for me with Dutch, German and French, even without some of the explanation.

Bill Bryson's writing style reads quite easily and he stays away from being patronising to the reader quite well. He is also very capable to put things in layman's language, which is extremely handy when writing a popular scientific book.

The only problem with this sort of book is the level of 'scientific' the writer wants to put on. Obviously there were a number of occasions where he took a 'short cut', but that keeps the book fairly readable. I have read a few articles where they really get scientific about language and you can get bored quite quickly (as with almost all subjects which get scientific, I guess ;)).

All in all an interesting read and I really learned a lot about the English background. I definately will read a few more of his books, once I have significantly lowered my 'to read' stack here in the attic.
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i finished it this weekend. Good book but i did struggle towards the end as it seemed to be just more of the same. would rather read one of his travel books.