Treasures unearthed in Toronto

Started by Reg, October 20, 2002, 18:24:23 pm

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October 20, 2002, 18:24:23 pm Last Edit: October 20, 2002, 18:24:38 pm by Reg_Sweeting-Jones
Whilst I was in TO in July, I went to the "World's Biggest Book Store".

And got 2 book's I didn't know existed to add to my collection:

Standing in the shadows, hiding from the light
Reach out in the darkness, and hold on for your life
All the fear of the future, all the emptiness inside
When the moment of truth arrives, hey, you can run but you can't hide


George & Chris are both illiterate so the best we got was the menu at the Hard Rock Cafe!  :D


I once found the very first book by Roger Zelazny in a second hand bookstore in the US somewhere. Didn't know it even existed...
Dat geluk verdwijnt voor geld

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