Started by Misfit, June 06, 2007, 17:48:23 pm

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Spent a few days out in Berlin last week.  Me, my wife and daughter went out to see a friend who lives there, and now that we've returned I can't wait to go back.  Given the history of the city there's an awful lot to see and we tried to get most of that in, ie the Wall (or what's left of it), the Reichstag, The Brandenburg Gate etc which are all fantastic.  But I guess the best bit about the city is the sense of freedom that continues to prevail there.  Art and music clubs are flourishing, especially in the suburbs and there is a great sense of creativity, borne out in the graffitti and art work that decorates many of the cities walls and buildings.  Uber Cool.  

If you get the chance to go then seize it!


I would like Berlin to be my next European travel destination...