Started by fleetwoodphil, September 05, 2006, 12:32:10 pm

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My wife has won a trip to go to Malta this weekend and do the swimming with dolphins thing. I would have gone with her but I have other commitments !! (now what am I doing this weekend again  :) :) ). Anyway has anyone done this before and if so do you have any tips?

Chris Quartly

I'm sorry but I'd have taken the holiday ;D playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade


Unfortunately they specified that it was for one person only. It was part of a sales promotion at her work and 20 people chosen at random from all over the country were chosen to go. Had I not been otherwise committed  :) I probably would have paid to go with her.