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Started by Rebecca, January 23, 2006, 23:08:25 pm

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Has anyone been to China and if so did you need guides to take you around the country and when did you apply for your visa?


been to China a few times, but I have always entered via HongKong.

The first time i got it at the chinese consulate in Oslo a week before I went. (HongKong was still british at that time)

The other times the HongKong-chinese people who i met fixed it for me, I really don
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i know a couple who went to some remote rural part of China, the market stalls were lined with rows of dead rats, apparently, if a family were wealthy enough, they could afford one rat per person per month as their meat treat. ::)
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go to Tai shan and check out if China sings to you while you're there.. i think Pearty's talking pish myself... ;)
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Quotelol I'll post you one home as a treat then ;D

never had a genuine Oriental one before, cheers Bec, :D
Don't argue with the ignorant and stupid; they'll take you down to their level and beat you with experience!

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Not sure if you can do it this way Bec but as an idea could you not apply for your visa to China from the Chinese embassy of a Country you are visiting whilst on your travels when you know your ETA to China - this way you could maximise the time on your visa. Alternatively go in person to the Chinese embassy in London and see what they recommend. As you may also know there are companies that will fast track visas for you although they do cost a bit.


When I was in Hong Kong, we wanted to go into China for the day to visit a famous market, but the visa did need to be applied for a couple of days in advance, maybe you should see what the local options are fopr the countries you will be in prior to China, maybe you can get a fast track short term visa from a neighbouring country when you are over in the far east?


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i'm not sure about how the visa's work best bet is to get them here and make sure that you know exactly when your going in and coming out as for going to Tibet unless you like a healthy walk i wouldn't advise it yes it's a nice place to see but when i was last there it was crowded with tourists (1989) so i don't think it will have changed for the better .good things to note is that rail travel is incredibly cheap especially if you go hard class you'll have to put up with everybody smoking around you .
places to visit  god it's endless ,peking(beijing) is nice with the added bonus of the forbidden city but it was becoming very commercialised, i would definately make the trip up to xian to see the terracotta warriors the scale of it is immense,shanghai is a nice place but it's very busy being it's a port it does have an international feel to it ,the great wall obviously some nice views to be had also i was there in summer so the smell of animal shit was everywhere.and if you can get to it go and see the panda wildlife park where if your very lucky you might get to handle one of the small pandas i'll try and remember where it is but i think it's in the sechaun province (not sure though) as for eating well if you like chinese food freshly cooked then you can't do any better than the street vendors look for the ones that are busy oh and avoid eating meat during the autumn into winter as this is when most of the dogs are killed off and added to the local diet (practical people)there are lots of places to see i think you'd need a lifetime to see them all ,also don't know if this is still going on but there was a special currency for foreigners hopefully this has gone cos it caused nothing but trouble when out in the countryside thank feck we had dollars with us .hope this helps


Worked in Shanghai in 2000 - visa and letter of invitation required 3-4 weeks early.
Guides were not required.