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Started by Ashley_Davidson, November 08, 2005, 16:24:28 pm

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My recent trip to Edinburgh made me think of this subject.

Dods & I stayed at The Old Wabverley on Princes Street. Mainly because when I booked I was looking for a central hotel thet other people could stay in, like we do on the various TNMS piss ups.

Well, the hotel was ok, but the breakfast was dire, and the service was non-existant. The bar ran out of tonics, and the dining room had mattresses leant against the wall.

Had I know that just Dods & I would actually be staying, I would have opted for The Balmoral.

I stayed at The Balmoral in @ 2000 when I did a gig there for some Doctors.

What a difference, huge rooms and to a superb standard. Breakfasts to die for and the service to match. Of course there is a price difference, but it is worth it.


I had a similar experience in Hanoi in March just gone.

We had booked via the net a nice hotel (Green Park Hotel) in a quiet area of town, unfortunately the bathroom was dirty and the hotel basic beyond belief.

So we immediately checked out & found a 5 star hotel that was only

Chris Quartly

tbh a hotel for me is just a bed at the end of the night so couldn't really care less if it's a bit cheap and nasty sometimes. Gives me more money to do nicer things while i'm visiting wherever it is I am :)

Rarely wake up in time for the breakfasts anyway! playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade


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You'll grow older sometime.

Analog RH

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My favourite hotel is probably the Lancaster House Hotel. A 4 star English Lakes Hotel. They do two-night deals during Jan - March. Fab restaurant, great rooms, lovely pool.

The worst hotel I've seen is the Ibis Birmingham Holloway Circus. Its an absolute armpit of a place. Its off the A38 in an area so rough they have high security fencing around it. I "stayed" 10 minutes in one of their rooms - it was so grotty I asked to be moved to another. When I saw that was bad too, I checked out and drove home instead.

The place is summed up by a recent poster on the Trip Advisor website:

"I completely agree with other reviewers, this hotel really does like look like Colditz and is completely unwelcoming if not a bit daunting.

I felt very unsafe during the night, given the location of the hotel (back streets of Birmingham) and could not wait for daylight (and to leave !!)

The room itself was average, although there were cigarette burns on the bedcovers and the room itself had a musty smell. The fact that the windows only opened approx 2 inches was clearly a safety precuation, but was most inconveient in the middle of July.

Staff not particuallry interested in their customers or their jobs.

Not a nice experience, I won't be staying again and would advise others to stay away too."

Prince By-Tor

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The Ski Stadium hotel in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany, is my favourite hotel. A beautiful hotel, in traditional Bavarian style. The food was fantastic, the beer is glorious and the staff outstanding! Fresh sheets and pillows everyday too. Wonderful!! Very highly recommended!! (On my last visit, it was run by Herr Wecker, not sure if he still owns the place though?)

BTW, if you ever watch the ski-jumping from Garmisch on New Years day, this is the hotel you can see at the bottom of the ski-jumps, behind the run off areas.

The worst was a hotel we stayed in on the out skirts of Paris, whilst on a school trip to France in 1981. I can't remember the name of the hotel, but it minged mercilessly!!! Yuk, an awful place!! :P
And then there were two...


Best is Georges V Paris many years ago... truly amazing place

Worse maybe here, the Toronto Hotel in Sidcup, truly dreadful place when I was there last year...



fecking Sidcup? Why were you staying there?


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fecking Sidcup? Why were you staying there?

last minute accommodation when I was working at Fujitsu the following morning, best forgotten about Ashley... even the local Italien restaurant was shite.


Best - Gleneagles - but we could only afford one night.  :(

Worst - some shithole in Harrow whose name has been permanently erased from my memory.


Worst has to be the Hotel California ( honestly, that's what it was called) at Kings Cross. The hotel was reasonable enough but the owners were a couple of piss-heads who were rude 99% of the time and obnoxious the other 1%.


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The best I've stayed in is this place..... the Ardanaiseig Hotel. It's situated on the shores of Loch Awe, down a long and winding private road that seems to go on for an eternity. The food served is

Prince By-Tor

QuoteThe best I've stayed in is this place..... the Ardanaiseig Hotel. It's situated on the shores of Loch Awe, down a long and winding private road that seems to go on for an eternity. The food served is
And then there were two...


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I stayed at The Balmoral in @ 2000 when I did a gig there for some Doctors.

I stayed at Balmoral in a tent on a hillside in the eighties over looking the castle


I am struggling to answer the question raised in the thread. Best & Worst. I can't decide (or remember).