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Started by Dods, November 13, 2005, 22:06:17 pm

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I'm a silver card holder of the British Airways Executive Club. There are a fair few prividges associated such as quick check in, exclusive rooms at airports, showers etc.

Do you hold a card like this? Maybe a hotel chain or another airline? Are they worth it and whcih is best?


I am a Flying Dutchman (or whatever the current program, joint with Air France, is called). Level Blue wing, which doesn't give you a lot of privileges.
In my new job, we travel business class outside of Europe (at least to the US), so I gather I will start collecting bonus miles soon. :)
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Tesco Clubcard.

Does that count?? ;)


QuoteI'm a silver card holder of the British Airways Executive Club.
Get her.


I mostly travel BMI for Europe but have cards for most airlines as sometimes its a case of getting the most convenient flight, regardless of which airline it is.

Because of this, I dont tend to get maybe all the benfits I perhaps otherwise could as the points are spread over a few cards.  However, I have managed some free flight with BMI miles - which was nice  ;D
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QuoteTesco Clubcard.

Does that count?? ;)


Me too!! Just got our latest vouchers today!! :D
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