Started by Dods, November 11, 2005, 17:06:54 pm

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Wonderful place. I adore it but I have only been once. It is a shame that it has become a stag/hen venue but that cannot detract from the outstanding architecture and vibe.

We were there for 5 days when Scotland played in a qualifier. The usual Tartan Army high jinks but we were there long enough to appreciate the city.

I know some TNMS'ers have been. Care to spill your thoughts Reg et al?


Certainly is a lovely place :) It was a great shame I didn't stay there longer when I went out to see Rush there :-/
As you say Dods the architecture is stunning, and it's great just to roam around. Get up early too, to beat the crowds!
Of course cheap beer helps too ;D Check out U Flecku too, it brews its own dark lager, that's well worth seeking out, only spoiled by being full of Germans who think they own the place!
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