Advice on travel books

Started by Bec, July 08, 2005, 13:59:24 pm

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Its called a pack safe and I wouldn't use one, it draws more attention to your pack and theives can still slash your pack and get the stuff out :(

Cheers though chuck, they cost


QuoteVery true i have come across this, was looking for a cheap hotel in Hong Kong recently for a mate who was travelling there from Xian asked a few questions and got told a load of bull .he ended up having an end of travel splurge and going to the Penninsula nice but very very expensive, so it's better to sift through what you read and hear 9 times out of 10 the info is good . ;D

Penninsula is very costly,

There are plenty of decent cheap hotels in HK, if you like, pm me & I'll dig out the place wqe stayed at.