Allotments and vegetable patches?

Started by Rebecca, January 27, 2008, 19:36:28 pm

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January 27, 2008, 19:36:28 pm Last Edit: January 27, 2008, 19:47:03 pm by Rebecca
I'm looking to start my veg patch (never attempted to grow veg so this is going to be interesting!) and was wondering if any one has any tips or advice? Does anyone else grow their veg? We have fruit trees and I harvest those and make them into Jams and pies.

Anyway, I'm growing:

peppers (Golden Bell)
Butternut squash
Scarlet Kale
Onions (red)

And then later in the year tomatoes but my mum is covering that one ;) Oh and Strawberries too!

I've bought some calcified seaweed to help thin out my heavy soil, some growmore and blood, fish and bone. Does anyone use these? I'm not overtly fussed about organic, I just want to try to get these veggies established and see whether I like growing before I do other things.

So anyone else an avid gardener/allotment holder?


Good luck with that Bec. My step dad always had an allotment just up the road from where we lived, and we always had a good crop of potatoes, kidney beans, peas, carrots, onions and cauliflowers, along with tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Tom Garrett

we have an acre and a half behind our house and we plan a veg plot and maybe a tunnel type green-house. hopefully we'll manage a small amount of veg this year and expand it next year.
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 Is it a vegetable patch or an allotment Bec? I had a local council allotment. it was hard flipping work.the soil was crap and took a lot of chicken shit and hard work with a shovel to get to a decent growing state. The last house i lived in had much better soil than my allotment and so does my garden now, even though half of it is mad eup of small coal.It was the soil that in the end made me give it up.

I had and still have cos I took them off the allotment,gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. i transplanted 2 cherry trees but they  outgrew my garden and last summer i cut them down.
I only grew what we actually ate, spuds, carrots, some sprouts, strawberries, runner beans, onions, mint, parsley, and the soft fruit above.

Last year i grew spuds in an plastic water butt, came out okay. My raspberries died away as i wasn't living here to sort them out but the blackcurrants were a bumper crop.
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You should consider things like Parsley, watercress,  decorative herbs etc if you do  catering. Parsley is not easy to get established but once you have, pretty hard to kill off. will reduce costs, nice decorative touches go down well.
Always grow mint in a pot as it will just rampage through a garden like Japanese knot weed.
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Always grow mint in a pot as it will just rampage through a garden like Japanese knot weed.

Same for strawberries. :)

We grow primarily herbs and fruit in our garden, not veggies.
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