Started by Rebecca, February 16, 2006, 13:01:36 pm

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QuoteSo monster munch can't be mentioned either? :(

Technically, no. Why not start a crisp like snack thread Bec?

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I like most brands of crisps but Walkers are the best by a long shot.

My favourite flavours are "Prawn Cocktail" and "Bacon" and I like most others but not "Cheddar Cheese". :P

They are minging.
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I love Seabrooks sea salt crisps. They are crinkle cut and so tasty. I was disappointed to find that they've updated their packaging and now you can no longer 'see what you buy'. But that doesn't alter the fantastic 'crunch'.

However my very favourite crisps are ones you can't get in the UK - Ruffles - salted or 'all dressed'. The salted ones are fantastic dipped in sour cream and onion dip. Mmmmm....

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QuoteI only eat crisps at work, and at the moment my favourites are Sainsburys farmhouse cheddar and spring onion, cooked in the style of kettle chips. Real McCoys roasted ham ones are very nice as well.

The Sainsburys crisps i mentioned above are part of the taste the difference range, i had another interesting variety of flavour in this range today, crispy duck with hoi sin sauce, very tasty they were as well.


Keep coming back to bacon wheat crunchies.
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Quote from: Nick on December 29, 2019, 20:22:31 pmKeep coming back to bacon wheat crunchies.
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Quote from: Bisto on December 30, 2019, 00:38:06 amAnd the oldest resurrected tnms thread award goes to Nick 😯...2006!...I...feel...old
Lol, I was thinking that as well mate. Haven't had any crisps since my heart attack. I used to love them as well, but I made the decision to avoid a lot of unhealthier things, and have stuck to it.