The Orbit Room

Started by Dave_Pierce, February 05, 2004, 00:45:29 am

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Just took a very, very, very long lunch hour walk to & from The Orbit Room. I figured that they'd be open for the lunchtime crowd..... D'OH!!... they were closed.  :'(

I've lived in Toronto all my life and have known about the OR for a few years and believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever been to it (at least on the sidewalk outside it!  ::)).

For anyone who's been inside...... what's it like? Are there any RUSH related items, references to Lerxst, etc?


I was there a good few times when I was did my Canadian Mini-tour in 2002 for the VT tour. It's an excellent bar - quite small - with a tiny "stage" in the corner. There were very good bands on every night we were in.

Rush related stuff? I was a tate, er,  Jetlagged when I was there for some reason :) - but I remember some polaroids of various bands and parties that they had, on the wall as you went through to the toilets - there were a few of Alex and Geddy playing together - now that would have been 'king amazing  8)

A small story if you'll indulge me - We ended up talking to the manager/head barman(?) one night when it was quiet and when we told him we were over from Scotland to see the boys, he seemed quite taken aback (that anyone would be so mad maybe) - but later on that night, he came over to my mate and I, gave us Orbit Room Polo Shirts and asked us to write a little message for Alex, which he said he'd make sure that he got. I doubt he ever did - but that's immaterial - it was such a nice gesture and just underlined how friendly Canadians were to us during that vist.

The Letter R

Was there in 1997 when Rush played 2 nights in Toronto - we actually had a big Rush party in there with a guy playing Rush songs on the keyboards that were in there and us singing - it was Canada Day (1ST July) and we partied so late and so loud that they received complaints and the police phoned up - Tim Notter the Bar Man/ Part Owner with Alex just said come inside - as we were also taking up part of the rear balcony area ;D - and keep partying with the doors shut. A couple of great nights were had there with Rush fans from UK, Canada, USA, Germany and Holland 8). There was not any Rush stuff on the walls although Tim did get an old picture out from under the bar to show us and also told us about Alex playing with The Dexters the Orbit Room house band 8)