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June 20, 2019, 14:02:45 pm

20 percent alcohol! FSCK!

Started by John_W._List, April 13, 2005, 17:05:44 pm

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I've made my own wines, ciders and beers for over 20 years now. I'm generally a wild yeast organic produce kind of winemaker so I dont really follow the kit market. However I needed a new filter funnel this week so I went online and ordered one. While I was browsing I found these kits.


Now you may think "20 percent, that's fsck all, you can buy cheap vodka down the offie with way more than that!". So let me give it some context.

Alcohol is produced by yeast eating sugar in your wash and crapping it out as ethanol. Yeast dies from ethanol poisoning so with traditional yeasts the fermentation stops when the alcohol percentage is in the low to mid teens somewhere and even that level requires careful management. What these people have done is selectively breed yeasts for alcohol resistance to create a "Turbo yeast" that gives you over 20% alcohol in your wash. Previously to get here you'd have had to use a still, something that would guarantee you free board and lodging courtesy of Her Majesty, so from a winemakers perspective this stuff is awesome!

I've never drunk any so I cant say whether their "Vodka" description is just wishful thinking. But now I'm sort of tempted I have to say:)

Maybe it's time to make some sloe gin, only without having to pay Gordon Brown for the privilige of the gin.