Rush rarities, memorabilia etc

Started by Japes, December 05, 2002, 16:44:42 pm

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well thanks Jon, thats nice to know.

yes it's in mint condition and shall certainly stay that way!

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QuoteOn vinyl? I'd look after that, in mint condition its worth some
Glasgow - 15/4/1992
London - 8/9/2004
London - 9/9/2004
Birmingham - 11/9/2004
Manchester - 12/9/2004
Glasgow - 14/9/2004
Glasgow - 3/10/2007
Newcastle - 5/10/2007
Sheffield - 6/10/2007
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AFAIK it was only released on vinyl in Germany...correct me if I'm wrong...and in small numbers. ;)

If you mean the promo, you may well be right - but (for the avoidance of confusion) the commercial version of RTB was certainly released on vinyl in the UK, and won't be that rare in this form.

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My rush piece that gets the most intrest is my house number plate which has the starman engraved onto it.Visitors who ask about then get the lowdown on the planets greatest band.
I also have the full set of sculptures done by chris johnstone for the spirit of rush convention 3 years ago (one of only two full sets).Another great conversation piece.

also the 1977 defenders comic dedicated alex,niel and geddy.

I also have around 450+ shows on audio cassette,and around 100 radio station interviews on cassette as well.

I have all the programmes from 1977 onwards and about 30+ t-shirts the earliest being bingley hall 2 nighter in 79.

I have all the early copies of spirit of rush as i was co-editor with Mick Burnett

plus all the vinyl including hemispheres pic disc and red vinyl,thru time pic disc,russian roulette sampler,power windows pic disc.

all cd's inclluding singles and many radio edit promos

badges,cuttings and 25 years of rush gotta have that's
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also the 1977 defenders comic dedicated alex,niel and geddy.

I've got the Defenders comic (Cygnus X-1) too. Is it a collectable item?


Quote from: Gezza on December 22, 2003, 17:15:42 pm
I've got the Defenders comic (Cygnus X-1) too. Is it a collectable item?


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Quote from: rascal houdi on December 12, 2002, 05:28:12 am
A couple of bits I forgot, both belonging to my Mrs actually:

A Peart drumstick from Hammersmith 1980

A Lifeson pick from Wembley RTB tour

Is the drum stick used the wrong way round and has his name on the handle end ? If so that's a shame as no one else seemed to have one. Mine was probably from Bingley hence I think 1979.

Tim W.

Quote from: Tim W. on December 12, 2002, 19:14:39 pm
Hmmm, 'things'.

All original UK CD's
All original UK LP's incl. Power Windows pic disc
Two copies of the Canadian 'Moon' LP (One copy is up for 'grabs'...)
Hemispheres and Through Time LP pic discs
Canadian ATWAS (2 copies - Don't know which one is the original release, so I kept 'em both...!)
Various UK 12" singles
Canadian 'Moon' single
All tour programmes (Incl. ATWAS UK tour), except for Presto, GUP and VT programmes (anyone want to sell?!!)
Various books and mags

That's it.

Really want RTB, Chronicles and Counterparts LP's plus the three programmes mentioned above....

Reading this thread (and thinking it was new) I came across this - my old post. Sad to say that all of this went in the great collection purge of 2005... I've since bought quite a bit of it back (!) but I really miss the Moon LP and 7"...

Tim W.

This reminds me... I know it's a long-shot but I found a Rush number plate whilst out walking a couple of weeks ago... It's horribly tacky (sorry if it belongs to someone here...!) it is a car number plate and says I Luv Rush. It was from a garage in Dunoon.

Long shot like I say but I'm happy to return it if it belonged to a member here... Maybe you threw it out of the car window. I would have done..!


not seen this before but have a few one offs


Ive got a Geddy bust sculpture..its got a very slight nick in his hair at the back. Been meaning to donate it to the charity auction at Eucon or the Scottish Rushfest for a while.
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