Andy Jones

Started by zoony, September 05, 2005, 00:11:36 am

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I hav'nt seen any posts from Andy for a while, has he been on here lately?

Vapor Trailer

N'o he has'nt. He's done a moonlight flit a la Slim, Mark W, Maria, Stoofah et al. Bloody drama queens the lot of em. ;D :-*
I wish I could live it all again.


They always come back, don't they?


Like disgraced politicians
The new songs are an abomination


QuoteThey always come back, don't they?
Too true Slim, too true....... :P ;).


QuoteThey always come back, don't they?

Holidays perhaps ?
I aim to grow old, bald, and fat gracefully


Andy dips in and out of here....he'll be back !
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