Started by harley, September 10, 2004, 19:00:19 pm

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Where in Glasgow is the best place to buy some whiskey at a good price. ???




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Actually any good supermaket should have a decent range of Whisky, typically cheaper than you'd pay in a smaller shop.  You're less likely to find the rarer stuff than in a specialist whisky emporium of course, but you can definitely find such brands as the Talisker, Laphroaig, Macallan, Bowmore, Highland Park, Glenlivet, Ardbeg and so on at Sainsburys.  Not usually the older vintages though - typically the 10YO or 12YO stuff.

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get some Makers Mark... that'll do the job quite nicely...

...heading up to Glasgow tomorrow for a whiskey tasting do..
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Thnx friends.... ;D trying to get to the Glenngoyne  ;D