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June 26, 2019, 02:36:41 am

Does anyone know LA

Started by Mark_Williams, June 16, 2004, 21:07:32 pm

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Wheres's the nicest safest place to get a hotel in LA (not Hollywood) - any suggestions?

Captain Beardy

 :o Dunno Mark, but it'll be a good idea to be `packin some
heat' as soon as you get out of LAX,... :).

P.S I'd forget going to see Rush and head north to Ventura,
and go surfing instead  8)
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My favorite hotel in LA is a fun, no-frills place called the Hacienda in El Segundo, right next to the airport.  It's a little over an hour from the Bowl, but everywhere in LA takes at least an hour.


Don't stay there on cowboy line-dancing night however.