Letters From Nephdonia

Started by Neph, August 10, 2005, 16:19:09 pm

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Stuart B

Hope everything goes ok Mike  :)


Same here as well Mike  ;)
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Well, I eventually moved and I eventually got my internet connection back.......................Hoorah!!

My new house is very nice indeed. I've never been too interested in houses, as long as I had my music I'd live just about anywhere. However, this new house is nicer than anything I've lived in before and is in a nice rural location where the swallows and housemartins swoop around for most of the day. I'm now a mere 4 minutes drive from work which is areal boon after a 13 hour shift. I'll post some pics shortly.


Chris Quartly

A 4-minute drive can't you bloody walk? ;D
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QuoteA 4-minute drive can't you bloody walk? ;D

Have you seen the size of the hill I have to go up?


Have you seen the size of the hill I have to go up?


Glad you've settled in your new place Neph! 8-)


I'm still settling in to the new house. I must admit it's taking longer than expected but I think that's down to having twice as much space as before. I finally got around to buying a new digital camera so here are some photos.

The front of my new house.

The view from my bedroom window of the old barn.

The view from my garden towards the Hopetoun monument.

Only two days to go before the start of the tour! When the tour was announced it seemed a long way off but it's come around quicker than I thought. Unfortunately, for me, I'm working night shift today and tomorrow so come Wednesday I'll be a tad tired. I'm sure when Rush hit the stage the tiredness will disappear.

See you all on the tour. :)



Just arrived back from Manchester, passed Neil's tour bus on the way back, asked Terry Brown a question at Eucon, going on holiday today. 8-)


[size=36]MERRY CHRISTMAS[/size]


Merry Christmas,hope it's a good one :)


[size=36]HAPPY NEW YEAR[/size]


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It's time to cut down on the takeaways.
It's time to lose some weight.
Wish me luck.