RIP Paul Raymond UFO

Started by Nick, April 13, 2019, 19:02:57 pm

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Quote from: Nick on April 13, 2019, 19:02:57 pm
Yet  another gone.  :(
Dreadful news. Glad I was at his last UK show. He was as solid as ever.
RIP Kipper  :'(


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Bum :(

Nothing about it on the BBC's "Entertainment" pages, but they're still banging on about Nipsey Hussle - someone who wasn't even known by his own mother- rather than someone who came out of the 60s Blues Boom and became a stalwart of 70s and 80s Hard Rock. But the Beeb has to be so achingly PC and down with the Yoof.
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Finding this quite unsettling, as an interview with him came up on my YouTube suggestions yesterday morning. I hadn't given him a second thought for many years, but I watched a few similar interviews, and downloaded one of his albums. Then a few hours later his partner Sandra broke the news that he'd died.

Saw him once with UFO in '79 (I think Neil Carter had taken over keyboard / second guitar duties the other times I saw them) and a couple of times with MSG, including a very memorable night at Middlesbrough Town Hall when I was right at the front.
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Sad news. Spent a fair bit of time listening to MSG back in the early 80s. RIP Paul.


Very sad to hear this, Paul played a scorcher at Hull City Hall
during UFO's last-ever northern show a fortnight ago and was
obviously having a whale of a time onstage 👍