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Bought any Vinyl lately ?

Started by Bisto, February 21, 2019, 21:48:05 pm

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Quote from: Straight Shooter on April 27, 2019, 15:27:56 pm
Best price seen so far for this year's RSD Hemispheres pic-disc is £16.99 + postage from What Records.


I paid £20 on the day

The Old Dog

I buy vinyl a lot  ::) , more from a collectors point of view to be fair, but I do like to actually spin them up from time to time so that being said I started aquiring the Porcupine early releases on Delerium and comparing to the newer Kscope versions some are good some not so .The cap (so to speak ) was aquiring Deadwing on the Lava pressing I was lucky in each of the 3 versions in getting mint copies so listening wasn't marred by scratches or fingerprints . At the recent RSD doodah I aquired the Euro Hemispheres piccy disc and the War Of The Worlds compilation .I tend to find that I'll buy up a complete bands output 2nd hand (sometimes) or if it's something I really want an updated version I'll spring a little more .Floyd ,Zepp and Deep Purple MK2 being exceptions they were all bought brand new this time as I have the originals, also started picking up the ELP catalogue and the Jethro Tull rereleases though to be fair I can't really tell much difference between the new and the originals ,sometimes it's like the Emporers new clothes scenario sonically (to me) even though I have a decent setup a Leak 60 valve amp with a pre amp for the deck and sonically produced by a pair of 1970's Celestion Ditton 500 speakers which have been overhauled a number of times ,though I much prefer to use  headphones  ,but each to his own .
And yes there is a lot of original Rush stuff and I'll more often than not listen to the earlier 70's versions than the 80's re releases or the 2015 series 200grm or 180grm the best sounding not unsurprisingly are the original Japanese Nippon/Mercury releases . Personally I think it's the Valve amp that does a better job than a solid state amp plus it's stereo not 5.1 or whatever new fangled thing they think is faddy these days ..

Analog RH

My record label sells more LPs than CDs now. A complete turnaround from just a year ago, when I sold twice as many CDs than vinyl. Even more bizarrely, the cassette is back. I released my first tape in February and it sold like stink. Go figure.

I'm still a digital and CD slag, but have caved and started buying a few LPs of late (mainly for the aesthetics rather than actually listening to them). Last purchase was Elephant Tree's "Theia" EP and eponymous 2015 album.


May 10, 2019, 14:03:18 pm #33 Last Edit: May 10, 2019, 18:41:07 pm by Bisto
Picked up Opeth live at Red Rocks as well as Rival Sons latest proffering and the most recent opus by Devin Townsend, which I have to say I don't think much of at all...With 2 Heavyweight discs, a gatefold sleeve and quality sleeves its a fair bit of well packaged product for £20 but it does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever and had I checked it out first on a streaming Service I would most definitely have passed on it.

If there's anybody interested in a swap of some kind let me know.
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