Your Albums of the Year - 2018

Started by Analog RH, December 17, 2018, 13:32:25 pm

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Yes Andy, and you know I love you too mate. You won't change me though, it's the way I am, and that's out it will always be. My peak time with music has come and gone, probably 90% RUSH and the rest a few other bands, and I'm more than happy to stick with that til the end of my days 🙂.

A classic! Inspired by Rob😁😎
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Good choice

Indeed! Once I get a CD player  (not long now hopefully) I will dig out that Trouble ROIO compilation you kindly gave me😊
No good deed goes unpunished!

No amount of anxiety can change the future. No amount of regret can change the past.


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In no particular order my top 10 releases of the year :

Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions - seriously regret not seeing them earlier this month in London....
The Kris Barras Band - The Devine and Dirty
Trevors Head - Soma Holiday
The Temperance Movement - Deeper Cut
Fu Manchu - Clone of the Universe
Boss Keloid - Melted on the Inch
Magpie Salute - High Water 1
Brothers Osborne - Port Saint Joe
Blackberry Smoke - Find a Light
Billy F Gibbons - The Big Bad Blues


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Tom Petty - An American Treasure (4 discs crammed with previously unreleased tunes)
Alice in Chains - Rainier Fog (defo a grower)
Ian McNabb - Our Future in Space
Uriah Heep - Living the Dream (never previously much of a fan, however this is magnificent classic rock 👍)
Magpie Salute - High Water I
Mostly Autumn - White Rainbow (pre-order copy, not officially released til next year 😉)

Was a bit underwhelmed by the Riverside/Spock's Beard albums initially, but they're gradually winning me over 😎

Other releases worthy of a thumbs-up : the vintage trio of Priest, Saxon and Magnum; Temperance Movement and A Perfect Circle ☺


And, thanks to Angry Metal Guy, I can add the following:-

Hamderd-Tamsins Likam (Genuinely outstanding doom, but just beautiful with it)
De Profundis-The Blinding Light of Faith (very heavy, very good!)
Slugdge-Esoteric Malacology
Second to Sun-The walk

Whether its my evolving tastes, or my very dark year in 2018, or just a need to absolutely sonically brutalise myself, but I am listening to some very, VERY heavy material at the moment.

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The ultimate metal list of 2018 is to be found here - and is compiled form 87 metal listsaround the globe.
I found quite some albums here that I was not aware of or simply missed:
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Some crackers on that list. I love that Slugdge is so high up, songs about slugs with very funny titles! And its brilliant. There is a lot of very heavy stuff in that list, i can vouch for the following though:-
The Ocean
Alters of Grief
High on Fire
Sulphur Aeon

I have so much new music at the moment its ridiculous!
The new songs are an abomination


It is a good time for metal. I have turned into a Bandcamp addict, I love that site.
Slugdge is great indeed, I also rated both Messa and Windhand quite high, both frontladies know how to bring it. Altars of Grief I bought 2 days ago, great album. Rivers of Nihil and Skeletonwitch are both very impressive in there own unique way as well. And I have always had a soft spot for Uncle Acid.
Arrogance Is Bliss


I tried to get the Madder Mortem last night on Google Music, but they dont seem to have it.

Have been trying for weeks to find White Horse Hill by Solstice as well. Only heard it through Youtube, but it is absolutely brilliant!!! Like a mix of Sabbath/Maiden/King Goat/Candlemass
The new songs are an abomination


Arrogance Is Bliss


The new songs are an abomination