30 years ago tonight...

Started by Matt2112, April 23, 2018, 13:37:06 pm

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Thailand Express

Well my own R30 was tonight and I have spent an enjoyable evening on a WhatsApp sync with a few mates who were also at the SECC that night.

"Rush-lite" the period may have been but listening back to the live show from that tour they were blazing.


My personal R30 - 30 April.

My first time seeing Rush was at Wembley Arena in 1988.  It was my first time travelling outside Northern Ireland for a concert - I had only attended 9 gigs before and all were in Belfast.  The experience began mid-afternoon on 29th April when I started the train - ferry - train journey from Belfast via Larne / Stranraer and the overnight train to London Euston.  The Rugby League Challenge Cup final was on the same day at Wembley Stadium so the train filled up with Wigan fans travelling south.
On arrival in London, I headed for South Kensington to meet up with a former school friend who was studying at Imperial College.  We spent the afternoon at the college spring fair, which, in addition to the usual stalls, had a bit of major drama in the shape of the theft of a famous painting from the college, which was held for ransom during the event.  Plus, there was mud-wrestling.
Soon it was time to get the tube to Wembley.  This was by far the largest concert I had attended.  First stop was the merchandise stall to get tour programme and t-shirts - I bought the red album sleeve shirt and the fireball juggling man shirt (which has since gone missing).  Then up into the arena just in time for the intro music.  This was my first seated concert, so it was very different to the previous 9, where every ticket is a potential front row view.  My seat was the back-right corner, so the view was OK but distant.  I enjoyed the overall visual perspective of the show, lights, screens and being able to see all three musicians.  One particular memory, is the height Neil threw his sticks into the air - I'd never seen a band where there was enough headroom to rival these throws.  Overall, I loved every minute of the show and returned to central London a very happy fan.
To round the trip off, I awoke on Sunday to hear that there was a strike by the ferry workers and there would be no crossings to Ireland (North or South) for the foreseeable future.  This meant the only option was to get a standby ticket on the BA shuttle flight to Belfast and hope for a empty seat sometime on Sunday.  Eventually, I got on board through the infamous Gate 49 at Heathrow and made it back to Northern Ireland.  1988 ended up being the year I travelled most for music.  I followed up with 2 gigs at Newcastle City Hall in June (Stevie Ray Vaughn's last UK tour and Judas Priest on the Ram It Down tour) and the Monsters Of Rock at Donington in August.  Putting things in perspective, the ticket cost £10 and (even with pre-budget airline flight cost) the travel was about 10 times the cost of the ticket.  The last time I travelled to England for a gig, the ticket was just more expensive than the travel to get to the venue.
The red t-shirt still fits and has been worn to gigs on all subsequent Rush UK / Ireland tours since.  It is now obviously retired too.
Wembley 1988
Birmingham 1992 x2
Birmingham 2004
Manchester 2007
Dublin 2011 yay!
Birmingham 2013


Marvellous stories, guys - thank you. :)
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Quote from: captainkurtz on April 25, 2018, 14:54:16 pm
That was 1992 and 2011, lad.  :)

hmmm no I was front row a previous time - prob roll the bones ? extreme left side .

was it even rush I wonder .
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